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Wednesday, July 25, 2001-
I'm like seriously the luckiest guy in the world. Months after winning a Dreamcast in the Bubbilicious/Sega sweepstakes- yesterday, I win a PlayStation2 in the Final Fantasy/Toonami sweepstakes. ...Yes, no kidding- I won two next gen systems this year by luck. The difference is I'll be keeping the PS2, as the DC went to my best friend David("Hey David... I have a Dreamcast, and it's for you"). Heh, okay, I'm gonna stop boring you now.

[update 2:14 PM: To confirm everyone's thoughts, YES, I already had a Dreamcast. From my previous rants, I thought that could be assumed.]

Concerning these Otakon sketches- I haven't decided on pricing yet, everyone! Just keep it here, and I'll tell you what the dilly is.

ALSO..... By way of Josh Mirman, I read through the complete Mac Hall archives. The while time I was doing so, I did nothing but wonder why I hadn't read it before. It's friggin-fraggin brilliant, well drawn, and some of them hit so close to home, I could cry. Cry from funniness poisoning. It's drawn by a guy named Ian. and Written by a guy called Matt. And it even has a link to here on its main page. Which is just the sweetest thing ever. So go read it now.

Widdle Ian

---Ian J.

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