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Wednesday, July 11, 2001-
A full week of rants. go me. So, I''ve been talking about video games for the past few updates. Uh.. I really haven't much to talk about since my life isn't as fun and cool as you might imagine.

But I have been taking some "Portfolio Prep" course at MICA so I can beef up my art portfolio so I can get into a good art college or something because I want to do some sort of animation stuff when I grow up.  Too bad I have to clear the hurdle of getting into college first. And there are so many tough choices, what's my "reach" school, what's my "safe" school, what school do I want to go to, etc., etc.. It's a pain in the hiney. And sometimes I fear that I won't have the skills to get where I want. Oh well. I'll give it the old college try! Ha ha ha ha ha. Anyway, I spend a lot of the class drawing boring things like boxes and spheres and the like. Not cartoons. If colleges let people in because they can draw cartoons, I'd be done, and in college already! But nooooo.

Oh. And apparently some Fantasy movie comes out today. I think it might be the "Final" one or some crap like that.

---Ian J.

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