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Friday, July 6, 2001-
Another ranty rant rant. As much of my mail asked, Why did I suddenly decide to do them now? Because I just came to realize there's no way I can reply to every single email. At least this way I'm able to communicate with everyone who visits.

Anywho, something webrunner and I have been talking about recently.... Even though his comic, Adventurers! and mine have the same premise, we don't seem to share that many readers. You'd think with the large amount of viewers who visit here each day, and the number of cross promotion that we do, that our readership would be about equal. But it seems like RPG World readers have basically ignored Adv!, a comic that is of similar interest (and even closer to the source material) as mine. It's puzzling really- We even shared a storyline and neither of our numbers really changed. Is it that RPGW readers stick to RPGW and vice versa? Probably not. But it's still a very puzzling thing. 

And, visit the  tx3.nightstar.net channel #rpgcomics on IRC. Web and I hang out there a lot. I'll get some sort of Java IRC client on this page soon, but until then d/l mIRC and come on down!

So, I bought this Gorillaz CD on June 19, the day after my birthday, but it wasn't until a few days ago (because of my hour-long bus ride into Baltimore for classes at MICA) that I listened to the entire thing from start to finish (including the wacky secret track). And I must say, I am still impressed with their no-nonsense rhythm, catchy-as-all-hell tunes and great lyrics. But what still never ceases to impress me is the concept. The idea of a cartoon band hasn't really been explored since say, The Archies or something. But the band members are FULL of character, from the 10-year old girl japanese guitar expert Noodle to the egotistical, boastful and satanic Murdoc. I remember when I was turned on to Gorillaz by randomly finding it on the net sometime back in April, and I simply thought their neat designs were just for kicks. Don't let that fool you, this is really an animated band, and I look forward to their TV special and hope to the gods that it makes it to the US somehow.

The Daily Ian
There's a monkey in the jungle
Watching a vapor trail
Caught up in the conflict
Between his brain and his tail

(New "Widdle Ian" drawings will be up every update. Teehee! how fun!)

---Ian J.

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