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Wednesday, August 1-
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Anyway, I was watching TV this week and apparently Toonami (The Cartoon Network action cartoon block) is on Kids' WB. I was watching it when I realized that it was nothing more then the normal Kids WB line up plus Dragonball Z. But yeah, it has the usual sort of Toonami interstitials, with the TOM Robot and the Absolution, but the music on it is really lame and nowhere near Toonami's standard phat beats. I know I'm in debt to Toonami because they have given me a PS2 when I have given them nothing, but it was pretty lame.

And this opens up a whole new can of worms.

(Ian origin story coming up)
As a fan of Toonami, I used to maintain a fan site for it (If you click that, please disregard any opinions found there, I was very dumb and my writing skills were lacking) I also used to visit other sites related to "the revolution" as I called Toonami in those days (yes, rather lame, eh?) My Toonami site was actually a part of my main site toonOUT, a cartoon reviews site that was largely unfocused and poorly maintained and written (I cringe while looking at those reviews now, especially the ones I wrote.). With the exception of a few people who were nice to me, I felt pretty much rejected by the inner clique of Toonami webmasters which I wanted to impress so much. I quit my webpage, left what little friends I had in the Toonami fandom, and started up comics and stuff. I'm a lot better at comics than I am at writing reviews and crap, anyway(and a lot more successful too, toonOUT got an average of 2 people a day).

But yeah. That's one half of my origin. I'll give you the Sonic half of it on Friday.

Also, a little related thing here- the webmaster at an old Toonami haunt of mine, CNX, is apperently starting up a comic or something. It looks kind of interesting, so give it a shot.

The Daily Widdle Ian

---Ian J.

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