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Wednesday, July 4, 2001-
It's July 4, American Independence day. Yay yippee.

FANART is up. Go.

A few things to comment on here.... The Cartoonist Choice Awards went down a little while ago. I won in two categories. The dumb thing about that is the fact that I won in two categories that I definitely didn't deserve to win, "best site design" and "best gaming comic". Now I'm not gonna rant about how the awards were done, I just wanna say that I think they should not have taken place. Once you start to analyze, categorize and reward a thing (like web cartooning) it just stops being fun. So I never paid the Awards any attention, because I figured I wouldn't win anyway. Now, here we are-- I won two. Not that I don't appreciate the people who voted for my comic over much better gaming comics (which is kinda ironic seeing how RPG World isn't even a gaming comic at all) and for best site design (which is also ironic because I redesigned my site the day I was nominated). But since Mark was so nice about it: here's my awards:

Anyway, moving on- I decided to not get the Green Hill Zone in Sonic Adventure 2 because you have to collect 180 emblems for it. That wouldn't be too bad except, as Josh pointed out to me, that you have to do Chao stuff for it, and I'm just not up to that. I know, I know, I'm such a bad gamer. Bad Ian! Bad!

A burning question from two- count 'em!- TWO emails... Why do I like Sega better than Sony? Hmmm.... likely because Sony blows. Sony doesn't make good games, their system was just fortunate enough to snag a majority of the good developers. Therefore Sony just reams at making games, and if they didn't have Square riding their balls, their system would be nothing. NOTHING! Speaking of nothing, Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within is due soon. Animation-wise, it looks kinda... "feh" if you ask me. Not that the animation is bad or anything, but my biggest gripe with computer animation is that it's all caught up in being as "realistic" as possible. You lose all kinds of stylization when that happens. Imagine if FF9 had those correctly proportioned FF8-style humans. Wouldn't it completely suck and lose it's personality? I think so. But then again, a lot of people don't think so. I've talked to people who prefer FF8 over FF9. It was scary.

Anyhow, this is the first real large rant I've put up, and I'm thinking of doing them more often. If you have a comment, simply mail me and make fun of me.

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