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Friday, July 13, 2001-
I apologize for the comic's lateness yesterday, Keenspace kinda had a stick up it's butt that caused me to have to manual update.

So I saw "Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within" two days ago. It was in no way bad as a movie. This is what I mean- It had no direct ties to its source material, the games(besides its FF7-ish plot). But to me, it just felt like an all-out action-scifi movie, and as an action-scifi movie, it wasn't half-bad. I'm sure many of you disagree and say "Worst. Movie. Ever." but I think it was okay.

ANYWAY, things I stupidly forgot to mention-- webrunner designed the hero's new weapon, the jag sword (which made it's first appearence on Wednesday) AND, webrunner cameoed T.A.T. Guy in this funny strip. And I should have mentioned it a long time ago but forgot.

And BEFORE I FORGET. Those of you who have been asking how to get to web and me's IRC channel #RPGcomics, now have the answer. web again saves us with his guide to IRC chatting on our channel. This will become a permanent link in a new section soon. And If you visit regularly, you'll get on his list of #RPGcomics notables! A bonafide LIST!

In response to readers asking what game I'm most looking forward to on every system- For the Playstation2: Metal Gear Solid 2. Which is soon going to be my only reason for buying a PS2. For the Xbox: Jet Set Radio Future. I love Jet Grind Radio with all my heart, and It's great to see it continue, even if it will be on the Xbox. For the Gamecube: It's Super Smash Brothers Melee. Because It's Nintendo. And It has Kirby(much to the dismay of my opponents who hate my cheap Kirby SKILLS).

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---Ian J.

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