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Wednesday, August 15-
Yeah, so Otakon. Big question is how it went- well, it went pretty well for me. Somehow, I was on the Webcomics Panel with Piro, Largo, Nick Yu, Ian McConville and Ian Kim. I missed Hot Soup, but I saw a ton of other webcomic- type people. 

This MacHall strip well represents my feelings. I was also in the theater when FLCL was cancelled, and judging by the general mood of the others present, we would have been lucky if only a few heads got cut off.

Also, during the event 'Mystery Anime Theater', when "Samauri Shodown" was being ridiculed, in a joke involving two nondescript characters on the screen, Crow and Servo joked "THERE ARE MANY GUARDS IN THE CASTLE!" "*Sigh* Times Are Tough" This made me very happy, If I knew how to contact the people who wrote the script for that, I'd give them a big nod.

And uh, I took some pictures of Cosplayers. HERE THEY ARE. And I bougth a ton of cool stuff like an FLCL art book, which is my favorite. I also got a ton of bilingual Love Hina manga which rules my bools.  

And Uh... hmm, nothing else to mention, except, I did get my freak on at the little Otakurave dance thingy. Yes. yes I did.

Also: Cameo in Adventurers #336. see if you can find it.

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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