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Sunday February 23
#200! Incredible! I can't beleive I've worked so long on this comic. Ha ha ha. As my friend Brandon (AKA Scrubbo) put it, "Yah. A really cool thingee deserves a high resolution option." So click on the above "RPG WORLD 200" logo to read it if you haven't already. Then come back for the ranting and footnotes.

So I guess I might as well kinda dedicate this super comic to Chuck Jones, who passed away on Friday. His work was some of my biggest influence, and he created classic characters that were timeless and unforgettable. To me, Chuck was one of the best, most distingushable artists animation ever had and it is truly sad to see him go. During his life, Chuck Jones gave to animation dorks (like yours truly) and casual cartoon fans alike some of the greatest gifts of all- REALLY KICKBUTT CARTOONS.

Moment of silence for you, Chuck!

Footnotes for #200: 
Ship is from here.
Extended version of this song.
Ears from here.
Reka's ship has clothing on it.

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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