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Friday Feb 15-
Footnote: PDR-HED 01 is Reka's really cool robot. he has no arm because Cherry stole it in this strip. I'd imagine people would remember that, but sometimes, I'm surprised by the questions people ask. :) I like how today's comic came out. I'm proud of myself. Sunday's is shaping up to look pretty dope, too.

There was a crazy new IanComix yesterday celebrating Valentines Day. Woo! I do a crazy amount of comicry.

On that note, don't miss your weekly dose of StarSomething tomorrow. It's like Webrunner and I merged into a single comic-making being!

Oh, and to correct an aforementioned post, Futurama's not cancelled per se, there will be a fall season due to the backlog of episodes that have already been delayed from pre-empting that FOX will play... but the 2003-2004 season? Looks shaky! =P 

And I'll be at Katsucon tomorrow. My friend Nick was peer-pressuring me to skip school today and go, but I'm too nerdy to skip school for an anime convention. Or is that "not nerdy enough"? Hmm...

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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