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Friday, November 16-
Heh, I like this comic. #347 is fun.

The reason Evil Soldier #347 is one of my favorite characters is because he's hopelessly stupid and near-blind, but happy and eternally optomistic. He's like... a really stupid but really happy clown.

And Plum the Elf is cool, because she's angrier than a stick of dynamite. So she and ol' #347 make a great team.

Anyway, thank you to the people who donated to me through Paypal. Watch your inboxes for more special crap.

Also- my other comic IanComix kinda started updating again. It's not on a regular update schedule, but it's cool anyway. At times I enjoy IanComix more than RPG World because it's basically just a dumb gag-a-strip comic and I'm not used to that, so it's fun to write.

click happy Ian for IANCOMIX

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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