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Wednesay, November 14-
Ooh, Foreshadowy! Look at all that plot up there. And no joke in sight! ...Um.

Your eyes do not decieve you. Over to the left there, that is indeed a donation button. Times Are Tough for me, and yesterday, the lack of funds actually made it harder to draw my comic. (I needed to buy more blue lead and I ran out of bling-bling.) And since people have actually asked before (!!!) I have set up a PayPal account so that people can help out RPG World. Thanks in advance.

Just the FAQ's About Reka, because the people want to know!

Q. How do her pants stay up?!
A. By the same mystical comic book energy that makes sure Diane's dress doesn't flip up.

Q. Is Piddo a salute to GIR, from Invader Zim?
A. Not really a salute, but yeah, he's kinda like him. Except Piddo isn't stupid, he's just a mechanical genius who's hyperactive and lacks common sense.

Q. OMG Reka is hot.
A. That's not a question.

Q. "Fifty bleeding robots"?
A. Reka has a British accent. But there's no Britain in the RPG World universe. So... Um... however you want to think of it, okay.

Oooh! Bustin' a Moonwalk!

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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