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Friday, October 12-
Galgarion's awesome. And as for today's comic- can you say- "Premoniton of things to come?" Oooooooh.

I'm currenly lookin around for good deals on the Sonic Adventure 2 OST and Vocal Mini. Me and good friend Dve are gonna split for them, but we've yet found a good rice. Wh must soundracks from othe counties cost so much? Its wrong if you ask me. Just.. plain wong.

Aaaaaaand Wddle Ian is Archie today.I gt a free Archie comic from he comic store and it reminded me on all the money I wasted as a kid on "Archie's Double Digest" and the like.

I'd pick Betty over Veronica.

---Ian J.

The first comicToday's comic
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