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Sunday, October 7-
Well, I spent all Saturday inside, working on college essays and the like. Fun fun. 

I was going through my email inbox saving all the fanart that got sent to me in preperation for a huge honkin' Fanart update. I was able to save a chunk of fanart from a few people, but then my computer crashed, and when I went back to open the emails, I wasn't able to view any of the attachments. This is the second time a mail-ralated crisis happened(Something tells me that it's time to clean my HD and start everything over -_-). So I learned a good lesson today. Update fanart before your computer kills you.
Anyway, the point of the story is this: check the fanart update. if your work isn't there, please resend it and I'll get on it pronto. I feel really bad about this, because since I was working backwards, this might be the second time for some of you to resend. sorry :(

Also, I lot of people recently have asked how I make RPG World, so I'll put up a FAQ for it soon in the community page.

Oh yeah, I talked to Rob, the author of Self Insert in IRC a bit. He's real cool, and so is his comic. I have yet to talk to the artist yet, but I heally dig the art on their comic.

And I have something BETTER than a Widdle Ian today. All of the 1337 R0XX0R people in #rpgcomics have known about it for months(see the bonus you get for chatting with me?), but it's time to reveal it to the world. I give you.. something I did in flash.

Click on it. it's 600KB, So watch out.
---Ian J.

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