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Friday, September 28-
Wah, did anyone see the new Star Trek series, Enterprise earlier this week? I'm only a very casual Trek fan, but I was kind of dissapointed. Maybe I'm just tired of the Star Trek franchise. It had a ton of fanservice though, something I suppose Trek is now shooting for coming out of the gate, rather than waiting a few seasons to introduce a hot alien chick. -_-;;  
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Recently I've been getting all my junk together for college. (Yeah, I'm still in high school) I wanna work in animation some day, so I want to go to art college. I've been doing my portfolio for the last year or so. It's a real pain in the neck. I really want to get to SVA (or my far-fetched "reach" school CalArts) but I'm not sure if I'll be good enough. So when I was taking a break from RPG World last month I spent most of the time getting stuff together. And my portfolio is pretty okay thus far. I'm just a little scared.

This picture is such crap.

---Ian J.

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