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Wednesday, September 19-
High-larious comic today by Cedric Henry of Japanese For Crustaceans. What's amazing is that when I asked him if he'd do it for me, he dropped everything and made sure I had it tonight. Ced is a great buddy.

And I never did explain my hiatus even though I meant to last week and forgot. I'm just starting school again, and I have some really tough classes and crap that are very hard to keep up with. I'm having a hard time juggling school, art college admissions crap, my home life, and a comic. So the comic had to go on hold for a little while.  It's just that I'm getting tons of mails calling me "lazy" and stuff, which I suppose is justified because I never told anyone about my hiatus because I assumed there'd never be a problem with it. but then it's kind of unjustified because i'm just trying to run my comic in a way so that it works in my everyday life. If I was making people pay for the comic and then not bothering to do it, that would be lazy. 

RPG World Disc 2 Starts on Sunday.

---Ian J.

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